M.H Wall

Mobile Office Design

Michel Henau is a high-profile spectacles brand whose designs are characterised by pure, structured lines, carefully studied models and a marvellously timelessness. To celebrate their tenth year existence LEAD was asked to design a new fair stand to travel with the company. The design proposal consists of an expressive wall built from a series of unique CNC laser-cut black MDF pieces that slot together like a giant puzzle. The optical effects that are created by the undulating layers of wood create a dynamic motion, catching the eye of every passer-by. A series of tables cantilever out of the structure and provide an easily accessible sales area and depending on available space, the wall can easily be assembled at different lengths.


LOCATION | Belgium, 2010
PROGRAM | Travelling fair stand for spectacle designer
CLIENT | Michel Henau
DESIGN TEAM | Sebastien Delagrange & Kristof Crolla