The Laboratory for Explorative Architecture and Design Ltd. (LEAD) is an innovative, multiple award-winning architectural design and research firm based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2011 by Kristof Crolla 高仕棠, LEAD specialises in the production of innovative design work that challenges convention through the merging of technological innovation with locally available resources and craftsmanship.

LEAD’s portfolio highlights innovation as integral to their practice. LEAD’s projects balance the experimental and the visionary, the practical and the pragmatic. They are made possible through collaborations with leading specialists and consultants. We extend our clients’ ambitions to produce ground-breaking work. Our team of architects strives to facilitate the dialogue between client, user, engineer, fabricator, and builder, as we define constraints and preconceptions as opportunities to challenge the status quo.

LEAD’s design work is widely published and has gained recognition through numerous local and international awards and distinctions. Combined with honours received for research by Kristof Crolla at CUHK, these accolades include the G-Mark (Tokyo), Architizer Awards (New York), World Architectural Festival Award (Berlin), and the Golden Pin Design Award (Taiwan).