Julien Klisz

Associate Director

Julien Klisz is an award-winning licensed architect and Associate Director at LEAD. He studied architecture in both France and Sweden and exhibited his student work at the 12th Venice architecture Biennale in 2010. Following this, he gained several years of professional experience in Paris prior to joining LEAD in 2013. At LEAD, he was quickly promoted to Project Architect and Design Director as he became the driving force behind several of the practice’s most seminal works. These including the award-winning international competition design for the “Liget Architecture & Photo Museums” (Budapest, Hungary, 2014), the K11 Art Mall Façade Design currently under construction (Ningbo, China, 2016-2024), the award-winning “YEZO” concept design (Hokkaido, Japan, 2020), and most recently the extended reality artwork “Resonance-In-Sight” (Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 2021-22) and “SARAB” (Saudi Arabia, 2022). In addition to directing various ongoing design projects, he currently overseas the office’s international development.