17. Tampere, FI – 2


Another absolute Finnish highlight in the workshop series! The Dragon Skin Pavilion is a highly experimental temporary structure, designed and built from scratch in only 10 days from 163 pieces of post-formable Grada Plywood. A CNC-router and industrial oven were used to make a wooden mould in which pre-heated flat rectangular pieces could be bent into accurate shape. A computer programmed 3D master model generated their cutting files in a fully streamlined file-to-factory process: algorithmic procedures were scripted to give every rectangular component their accurately calculated slots for the sliding joints, all in gradually shifting positions and angles to give the final assembled pavilion its curved form and deep texture. A meticulously pre-choreographed montage sequence required all components to be uniquely labelled and numbered for assembling or dismantling the structure.

INSTITUTE | Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture, Finland
DATE | 27 August – 04September 2011
TUTORS | Sebastien Delagrange, Gilles Retsin, Emmi Keskisarja
COORDINATION | Kristof Crolla, Emmi Keskisarja
CO-TUTORS | Pekka Tynkkynen,Toni Österlund
SPONSOR | UPM-Kymmene, Tampereen Arkkitehtuuriviikko, Pipu Ky

STUDENTS | Milla Vuorinen, Olli Hongisto, Ilkka Ala-Fossi, Maria Laisi, Hannu Saunaluoma, Jyri Tartia, Jonathan Hilden, Aleksi Rastas, Joonas Ala-Karvia, Ville Leivo, Thomas Miyauchi, Tomi Itäniemi, Frank Ho, Lilli Mustila, Erkka Peltonen, Markus Heinonen, Saana Koivusalo, Antti Keskinen, Katja Virta, Olli Metso, Anna Hakula, Aija Rimpeläinen

ADDITIONAL EVENT | Lecture “Digital Design & Fabrication in Architecture” by Sebastien Delagrange, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, 26 August 2011

EXHIBITED AT   |   Mat Fab, Tampere Architectural Week 2011


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