16. AA Shanghai, CH


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The Shanghai Visiting School will again be hosted at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Shanghai Study Centre. A nine-day studio-based course, it will investigate new computational design approaches in architecture and urbanism in the context of Shanghai, one of the world’s most rapidly growing cities.

Shang Hai (上海) literally translates as ‘City on the Sea’. The topic for this year’s programme concerns an imminent crisis facing the megalopolis of Shanghai – its rising sea levels. This condition is exacerbated by the insatiable demand for land for the continuing urban growth and expansion. We will investigate paradigms related to complex, natural systems, and the potential for greater symbiosis with artificial, man-made urbanism. Design proposals will negotiate the paradoxical dynamic forces of urban development and environmental change, seeking new models of density which can integrate sensitively to the low-lying aquatic landscape of Shanghai.

DATE | 12 – 20 August 2012
INSTITUTE | University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Shanghai Study Centre. 12–20 August
TUTORS | Kristof Crolla & Zhang Xiaoyi, Ercu Gorgul & Vincci Mak, Bittor Sanches Monasterio & Wang Xin, Lydia KIM & Immanuel Koh, Tom Verebes & Xu Feng, Daniel Gillen & Soomeen Hahm


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