13. Joburg, ZA


South Africa is one of the most fascinating places you’ll find and any opportunity to work there is a BLAST! Located in the hippest up-and-coming part of town a group of architecture students and professionals participated in this workshop where a Rhino & Grasshopper introduction was followed by a Design & Build Competition. The goal was to create three large-scale installations for the immediate neighbourhood with CNC-cut plywood and glass as main materials.

ORGANISATION | Hugh Fraser, Glass SA
LOCATION | Main Street Life, Johannesburg, South Africa
DATE | 02 August – 12 August 2010
TUTORS | Jeroen van Ameijde, Kristof Crolla
CO-TUTOR | Jon Mirtschin (Geometry Gym)

STUDENTS | Kier Bothwell, Dieter Brandt, Julia Carew, Belinda Chadwick, Brent Clark, Emil Cloete, Eugene Cloete, Sunica de Klerk, Johan AHJ du Toit, Johan Michael du Toit, Kim Fairbairn, Ilona Frankenberg, Amir Gazit, James Grobler, Vaughn Horsman, Leon Krige, Erick Kruger, Eric Lindenberg, Haldane Martin, Craig Mcclenaghan, Clinton McLellan, William Morafo, Jason Muller, John Odendal, Anro Zaan Pelser, Nicole Rouillard, Gabriella Serrao, Micah Strydom, Huda Tayob, Philippa van Ryneveld, Monique Van Zyl, Wim Verbeek, Abrie Johann Vermeulen, Cristiana Vieira Machado

ADDITIONAL EVENTS | Lectures  “Digital Design & Fabrication in Architecture” by Kristof Crolla & Jeroen van Ameijde, presented at 1) University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, 30 July 2010, 2) Conference “Conversations on Architecture”, Johannesburg, South Africa, 05 August 2010, 3) KwaZulu-Natal Institute for Architecture, Durban, South Africa, 06 August 2010

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