09. NOUS, UK


Fascinated by the Ghent workshop outcome NOUS Gallery invited us to organise a workshop and exhibition on component-based cardboard structures. Taking the high speed Design & Build Competition to London two parametrically varied, human scale cardboard structures were developed and displayed, first at NOUS Gallery as part of the London Design Festival and then in the London Bridge vaulted spaces of Gallery SHUNT.

DATE | 17 – 20 September 2009
TUTORS | Jeroen van Ameijde, Kristof Crolla
CO-TUTORS | Evan Erlebacher, Bence Pap

STUDENTS | Robert Buehler, Kim Dong Ku, Matthew Donkersley, Anne Frobeen, Benedetta Gargiulo, Neill Grant, Emmi Keskisarja, Michael Kloihofer, Yeon Sung Lee, Phaethon Psichis, Michalis Roidis, Camila Simas, Dimitri Venetsanakis, Claudia White

EXHIBITED AT | 1) “Algorithmic Structures” as part of the London Design Festival 2009, NOUS Gallery, London, UK, 24 September 2009. 2) “Algorithmic Structures”  at SHUNT, London, UK, 30 September-3 October 2009

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