02. Santiago, CL


Organised by the Catholic University of Santiago, Chile this second workshop provided a first opportunity to work in a radically different cultural context. Following an introduction into Maya MEL-programming we explored architectural applications of algorithm-based design techniques and asked students to develop a responsive pavilion that would react to varying site parameters and conditions like people-flow, light, etc.

INSTITUTE | Catholic University of Santiago, Chile
DATE | 15 – 19 October 2007
TUTORS | Kristof Crolla, Arturo Lyon
CO-TUTORS | Claudio Llabarca, Verónica Arcos

STUDENTS | Ivan Abaceta, Catalina Acuña, Felipe Alarcón, Juan Pablo Alcalde , Rodolfo Arriagada, Claudia Besio, Danny Bravo, Kim Courreges, Juan Ignacio Diaz, Eduardo Fam, Tomas Franke, Lorenzo Fuentes, Cristian Goity, Tania Labarca, Juan Eduardo Ojeda , Felipe Ovalle, Danilo Palma, Diego Pinochet, Fernando Portal, Francisca Solis, Branco Susa, Ari van Zeeland

ADDITIONAL EVENT | Lecture “Generative Algorithms in Architecture” by Kristof Crolla & Arturo Lyon, Catholic University of Santiago, Chile, 20 October 2007

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