Woodstack Pavilion

WOODSTACK PAVILION (2009, Competition Entry)

The WoodStack Pavilion uses the construction requirements as a driver for the generation of a unique place: the pavilion is to house a flexible event space, has to be built from CNC-cut plywood and needs to be mountable in three days and dismountable in one.

The construction process is based on an algorithmically varied tiling pattern where uniquely shaped, prefabricated wooden boxes, made from four interlocking panels, are assembled on site by interlocking them like a large number of Lego blocks. These pre-fabricated components have the exact position of connections pre-coded into their shape. Assembly is thus a fast and straightforward process, making the construction of this highly complex form as easy as the building of any conventional space. Altering wall thicknesses respond to structural needs and the wall pattern is oriented to provide shade during the summer while giving a constantly varying light inside. As one moves through and around the pavilion, one experiences the dualities at play: regular vs. dynamic, porous vs. solid, open vs. enclosed.

PROGRAM | Travelling Pavilion
ORGANISATION | Tent London, London Design Festival
DESIGN | Kristof Crolla, Sebastien Delagrange, Jeroen van Ameijde

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