O-RING PAVILION (2011, Competition Entry)

The O-Ring Pavilion is an information pavilion for the London 2012 Olympics, situated in Trafalgar square. Its design starts from the logo of the Olympic Rings which is translated into an integrated structural support system of interlocking laser-cut steel circles. A structural analysis of its saddle-shaped circular roof is the driver for the ring radii and corresponding density, placing material only there where it is needed most and thus providing an optimal material usage as can be found in e.g. bone structures.

The clear canopy gesture generates a zone where people can gather and collect information on the 2012 London Olympics. The overhanging structure slopes up and juts out to become projection surfaces with screens facing the elevated square. The stairs towards the national gallery serve as seats. Additional screens can be placed into the circles that face the café which spreads out onto Trafalgar Square, making the structure a low-threshold public space.

LOCATION | London, 2011
PROGRAM | London 2012 Olympics Info Pavilion
DESIGN TEAM | Sebastien Delagrange & Kristof Crolla

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