BREATHING (Shanghai, Xintiandi, 2014)

“BREATHING” is a dynamic installation designed for Sushibar Ichininmae as part of the RIBA Shanghai Windows Project in Shanghai, Xintiandi. For the second time the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), China Xintiandi and the British Council selected ten architects to develop temporary installations in shops distributed around the Shanghai Xintiandi site. The project is on display from 28 March to 5 May 2014 in the mall atrium in front of Sushibar Ichininmae.

The installation built up from a curling spine, clad with deep blue scales, that surfaces from the atrium floor. Its flexible, colourful skin slowly moves, hypnotically capturing light, reflections and gazes from hectic shoppers. Inhaling… Exhaling…  Unnoticeable at first, but entrancing once discovered, the installation seems to be alive, as its flanks rise and drop slowly with every breath.

“BREATHING” combines familiar architectural elements in the creation of a kinetic installation that is very expressive in its colourful simplicity. It questions the static nature of building envelopes, and the necessity of possible mass-variation through digital fabrication for constructions in contexts with minimal budgets, construction skills and time.

VIDEO | BREATHING – for Sushibar Ichininmae

DESIGN | Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. (LEAD)
DESIGN TEAM | Kristof Crolla & Julien Klisz  (LEAD)
PARTICIPANTS | Benjamin Heinrich, Stefan Raab, Kilian Wolf, Zha Yilun, Chen Lixuhan, Zhang Tracy, Gu Chao, Zhang Kaiqin, Zhu Joanna, Shan Mengchu, Chan Danting, Fu Sibo,Tao Yu, Wu Fengzhou, Lee Gamzar, Ning Siyu, Song Rui, Yang Xin, Li Hengye, Li Yuhan.
ORGANISATION | The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) i.c.w. China Xintiandi & the British Council
CLIENT | Sushibar Ichininmae

DISPLAY DATES | 28 March – 5 May 2014
LOCATION | Xintiandi, Shanghai


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