Yangon Pedestrian Highway

Bamboo Market | Yangon - Myanmar | 2019

This design proposal is made as part of a future linear park in Yangon, Myanmar. The Gyo Byu Pipeline cuts through the urban fabric of Yangon and acts as a unique ‘pedestrian highway’ for the local population. Our friends at Blue Temple have engaged in a range of design research activities that advocate for the use of bamboo architecture to transform this infrastructure into a series of community spaces for activities related to educational programs, urban farming, sport and more. A node of this linear park, our proposed bamboo structure will allow local school children who use the pipeline every day to get to class to have a covered outdoor playground and will provide urban farmers who work the surrounding fields to have a market place to sell their produce. As part of the greater project vision, our aim with this design is to help convince the City Development Committee to allow use of the restricted space surrounding the pipeline for the benefit of the neighbours and their activities.

LOCATION | Gyo Byu Pipeline – Yangon, Myanmar  See Map
LEAD DESIGN TEAM | Kristof Crolla, Julien Klisz.
PROGRAM | Event Space