Swing Pavilion

Laureate Competition Entry | 2013

The Swing Pavilion is a competition design proposal, developed for the Lombok International Bamboo Architectural Festival. The goal of the competition was to develop architectural installations that promote a creative use of Bamboo as a construction material. In collaboration with Green Design Camp, Bali, this project was developed and eventually selected for construction. The Swing Pavilion is a highly expressive bamboo pavilion that challenges the geometric possibilities offered by roof structures that use traditional bamboo craftsmanship as a construction method. Its geometry is based on the “Enneper Surface”, a double-curved surface that originates in the fields of algebraic geometry.


 This elegant, dynamic surface is materialised by building its diagonal grid from Bambu Ikat poles. Based on drawings derived from computer simulation models, the intersections of these poles are mapped out and used as guides for onsite construction. Traditional construction details are used for tying bamboo together. The eventual double-curved surface operates as grid-shell that uses the bending properties of bamboo for its strength.

LOCATION | Lombok, Indonesia
CLIENT | Indonesian Institute of Architects
PROGRAM | Event Space
DESIGN TEAM | Kristof Crolla, Julien Klisz & Sebastien Delagrange (LEAD), John Alderson (Green Design Camp)