Independent's Group Fellowship | 2013 - ongoing

SmartNodes is a research project that is part of the Independents’ Group (IG) of which Kristof Crolla received the first Fellowship in 2013. The research project is hosted at RMIT University, Melbourne, in collaboration with industry partner Arup, and explores the potential for pairing unique, high-tech, weight optimal node components with off-the-shelf, standard beams and fixings to accomplish customized and complex building form. It addresses the challenge of designing and prototyping a lightweight canopy structure. The system is underpinned by a series of custom manufactured structural nodes, designed and optimized with digital algorithms and produced using the latest 3D metal printing technology. These link simple beams and planar panels. Through the customized geometry of each node, the system has the potential for a broad range of design outcomes without significant cost penalties.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN  |  Assist. Prof. Kristof Crolla, Chinese University of Hong Kong / Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. (LEAD); Nicholas Williams, Assoc. Prof. Jane Burry, Prof. Mark Burry, SIAL , RMIT University.
COLLABORATORS | Jason Lau and Sining Wang (CUHK)
STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS AND CONNSULTANCY  |  James O’Donnel, Ben Sitler, Andrew Maher, Arup.
STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS AND BESO DESIGN  |  Hamed Seifi, Prof. Mike Xie, Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials; Daniel Prohasky, SIAL, RMIT University.
ADDITIVE MANUFACTURE – SELECTIVE LASER MELTING (SLM)  |  Aaron Pateras, Prof. Milan Brandt, Advanced Manufacturing Precinct (AMP), RMIT University.
ADDITIVE MANUFACTURE – FUSED DEPOSITION MODELLING (FDM)  |  School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University.