Competition Entry | Chicago Architecture Biennale

kiosk* is a kinematic and innovative temporary space that plays on the vernacular of Chicago and its Lakefront to create a highly recognisable architectural icon for visitors. The pavilion offers a playful solution to the dichotomy between openness and enclosure, object and place, icon and space.
Starting as a muted monolith, kiosk* transforms itself from a dematerialised, pristine closed shape, into an inviting multi-purpose open public space by unpeeling its skin, revealing the housed programme’s signage on top. When opened fully, the five petals offer shade for a variety of possible activities specified by the merchant’s program, such as seating area, bar-counter, ordering area, bicycle storage, etc. The highly versatile central serving area offers a workspace for up to two employees who have 360-degree access to clientele.
kiosk* is a playful and animated space that pays tribute to Chicago’s specialized architectural landscape. Situated first in Millennium Park, and later along the Lakefront, its high visibility creates a natural meeting space for visitors and will remain a spectacle as it transforms from its open to closed state