Hong Kong | 2020

Confined on our island, away from our beloved prototyping playgrounds, we spend the day dreaming up future architecture opportunities and challenge ourselves to imagine the joys and trials of their full-scale implementation by toying with whatever materials we have lying around.
“BAMBUSA” is a small vase; a conceptual, architectural, tectonic scale model that demonstrates the soft, tactile qualities of its materiality and the graceful nature of its enclosed space. Its conception and fabrication strike a balance between mathematical precision, geometric purity, poetic curvature, and craftsmanship. The model uses a bundle of straight bamboo sticks, dynamically twisted into an elegant form, to embrace a fragile glass test tube holding a leafy green bamboo twig.
Pure and simple, BAMBUSA heralds a so-desired near future in which full-scale bamboo experimentation will again push the boundaries of a built environment that capitalises on opportunities from ecologically sustainable natural construction materials.

LEAD DESIGN TEAM | Kristof Crolla, LAU Yip Fai Martin, SO Ling Sum Evangeline
EXHIBITION | Design Trust : Critically Homemade Prototype Exhibition
LOCATION | House Studio, Soho House Hong Kong, 33 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan
DATES | 21 September – 4 October 2020